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Lynne Reed

Office Manager, Customer Service and Co-owner.

Lynne has over 25 years of experience in the printing business. Lynne’s friendly and helpful nature and attention to detail keeps the shop running on an even keel. Lynne is also the company estimator. If you want to get in good with her just ask her: “how are your grand children?”

Sheena Cannel

Bindery and Finishing Operator.

A very skilled machine operator, Sheena puts the finishing touches on all your printing projects, such as perforating, numbering, folding, cutting, book binding and much, much more. Sheena is also our delivery driver. Sheena has been with us for over 17 years.

Tracy Musgrave

Production Coordinator, Assistant Manager.

A customer favorite, In addition to her role as our number 1 customer service rep., Tracy is also responsible for desk top publishing and graphic design. Tracy will make sure your project goes smoothly from concept to delivery. She is a 11 year veteran of the printing industry. Tracy also steps up to the manager’s role when Lynne is away.

Sharon Ginn

Journeyman Offset Press Operator.

With 30 years of experience, Sharon has a keen eye for quality printing. Sharon does extra duty as a bindery operator and customer service rep when not running the presses.

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