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Sharon Ginn

Journeyman Offset Press Operator.


If your piece is complete and ready for print, we prefer to receive your file in PDF format (portable document format) this format can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat or the Free Acrobat Reader.


You can create a PDF if you have Adobe Acrobat installed on you system. If you do not, you can download EZpdf Creator for free here.


Settings for EZpdf Creator


Only very minor revisions can be made in PDF. If you feel you might require any additional work to your file please include the file in it’s native format as well.


Is your file larger than 2MB? Click here to sign up for our free access to our FTP site.

Need a font? We have over 12,000 in our ever changing font list. We’ll be happy to email you a font if you have a pending order with us.

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